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ShareMAX 2.0 is here! As our most anticipated product release in recent history, we are excited to offer a new shared storage solution that is fast, easy to install and easy to upgrade. This multitasking wizard is a RAID protected NAS and SAN server together in one box for an unbeatable price!

Ideal Applications for ShareMAX 2.0
  • Need to easily add High Capacity Shared Storage to a network of multiple workstations
  • Need very fast streaming speeds to Shared Storage over Ethernet
  • Don't want the overhead of a separate network file server or switch
  • Want the option of upgrading to fiber without losing your investment
  • Need some stations to be on Fiber and others stations on Ethernet (mixed environment)
Because of the way we designed this network appliance, you can grow your storage capacity and the way you access storage without replacing the core device!


  • All editors have immediate access to your assets without duplication
    - saves storage cost
  • Speed up your workflow by centralizing your files for your entire team
    - get the job done faster so you can move onto the next project
  • Improve collaboration among your team for better creativity
    - improve your quality to your client by working together
  • ShareMAX 2.0 will grow as you grow
    - start at the entry level and upgrade as your needs change
  • Built with Enterprise class drives for the ultimate reliability and warranty
  • NAS throughput tested at a sustained 100MB/Second - fast enough to handle direct edits of SD, HD and some uncompressed CODECS without copying from your local drive
  • Designed as a network appliance, this device runs its own operating system and monitors the health of your storage system. You have access to all information thru a secured web browser
  • This unit does not need an Xserve or tower to connect to the storage. Since it is a standalone unit with a CPU and controllers, it has been designed as a network appliance

Only ProMAX offers the ShareMAX 2.0 device. We have worked with our manufacturing team to build the best quality and most expandable storage unit in the industry. Let us get you more information, you will be amazed!

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